Gene Hoglan discuta despre noul sau inlocuitor, Dave Lombardo

de Cristi Nedelcu

Gene Hoglan discuta despre noul sau inlocuitor, Dave Lombardo

Gene Hoglan, cel mai longeviv baterist al Testament, a discutat recent in cadrul podcastului Talk Toomey despre noul sau inlocuitor in trupa, fostul baterist Slayer, Dave Lombardo, el insusi fost membru al trupei Testament.

Hoglan, Ingerul Intunecat si fostul membru Dethklok care a propulsat Testament in ultimul deceniu, s-a despartit de trupa in ianuarie. Doua luni mai tarziu, influenta trupa de thrash metal din California, care a lansat ultima data Titans of Creation in 2020, l-a primit inapoi pe Lombardo. Saptamana aceasta, la Talk Toomey, Hoglan a discutat despre circumstantele care au dus la schimb.

Hoglan i-a spus gazdei lui, Joshua Toomey: "It was really just scheduling, that was really it. It was a very amicable split, and nobody wanted it to happen..... But I know Testament, they've gotta keep going. And during the pandemic, I took time to start curating a lot of my projects — a lot of the things going on. So when I was laying things down on the calendar, they were just starting to conflict with some of Testament's plans, and that's understandable." Acesta a continuat:"Guys, I don't know if I can make all that you need. I know you guys need somebody there slamming for you the whole round.... And bringing in a guy for a few days here and there while I take off and do some one-off kinda things, or while I've had album projects planned for coming up in summer, for '22... It just became a situation where [they] need to keep moving forward, and I need to keep moving forward myself. You never know about the future, but at least for right now, we'll get you guys somebody else”. Aparent acel ”someone else” a fost chiar Dave Lombardo.

Intr-adevar, miscarea este un vis pentru fanii de thrash metal, mai ales ca primul pasaj al lui Lombardo in concert cu Testament a provocat un moment de neuitat la The Gathering din 1999, un moment pe care multi il retin si pastreaza ca o amintire de neuitat cu trupa lor iubita, Testament.

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