Testament sunt nemultumiti ca rapperul Kanye West le poarta tricourile

de Andreea Gherfi

Testament sunt nemultumiti ca rapperul Kanye West le poarta tricourile

Kanye West a urmat exemplul altor colegi de breasla si si-a imbogatit garderoba cu tricouri inscriptionate cu logo-uri ale unor trupe metal. In urma cu cateva zile acesta a fost vazut purtand un tricou cu Testament, spre dezamagirea celebrilor thrasheri din California.

Poze Poze pentru articole - Kanye West
"Oh no he didn't! Wait, yes he did... Goodness gracious. This whole decrepit clan must have picked up a pile of old concert t-shirts (the same pile Kourtney K's Slayer shirt came from) which have somehow become a 'thing' in trendy fashion (who'd have thought?!!). Inconceivable that any of these pop culture vultures know who the heck any of the bands are. My guess is he thinks it's a religious group (not the firstst time that's happened). That is, if he thinks at all, which lately, seems unlikely. And I thought this time period couldn't get any weirder...", a declarat pentru prietenii sai de pe Facebook Alex Skolnick, chitaristul formatiei Testament.
Apoi Alex Skolnick a continuat:
"Alright. So I posted a wiseass comment meant just for friends who tagged me on FB - wasn't meant as an official statement but now it got picked up and is making news. Had I been asked to comment publicly I'd probably say something more like this:

I like hip-hop generally and while not a Kanye West fan, I recognize that Kanye is respected by some folks in the music industry whom I respect. Normally I'd be flattered and appreciative from one artist to another (those who follow me outside Testament know I'm very open musically & work with artists of many genres). If Kanye genuinely knows and likes Testament - and isn't just wearing our shirt as part of this current bizarre fad among trendy fashionistas and Hollywood types to wear old metal concert Ts - then that's great, more power to him and respect. However, I truly doubt that's the case (and would love to be proven wrong).

It's not the music/artist part of the equation I have a problem with - it is the reality TV, publicity junkie part. Kanye may consider himself an artist, which I can accept (although an artist on the level of those he compares himself to? Pablo Picasso? Sorry, not feeling it). Artistry aside, the Kardashian clan (of which he's a part of by marriage) are not doing art - it is the lowest form of cheap entertainment, turning people into brainless nincompoops and slowly destroying the country, a place that's descended to the point of the majority now embracing anti-intellectualism, denying facts, disbelieving science, believing fake news, avoiding rationality, shunning critical thinking and no longer recognizing the difference between reality and reality TV (case in point: electing a reality TV star as President, someone Kanye is now cozying up to). I find these offenses so unforgivable that I cannot find enjoyment in a major celebrity and artist I'd otherwise respect (musically, at least) wearing our shirt, much as I'd like to."

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