Versuri Testament - Do Or Die

Album: Testament - The Legacy

[Music: Skolnick, Peterson, Clemente]
[Lyrics: Skolnick, Peterson, Billy]

[1 :]
Living my life on borrowed time
Watching my dreams disappear
My fists slowly clench
As my mind seeks control
My body trembles in fear
Life was looking up for me
When I left home
Seems like yesterday
Now I'll never go back there again
Here is where I'll stay

Nobody can hear you scream or shout
Once you're in you won't come out
You will never see the light of day
I'm hunter you're my prey !

Watching the clash between
The forces below
From up in the planes we're flying
Survivors are taken as prisoners of war
The others are slowly dying
I shiver as we strap on our parachutes
We line up to jump out the door
We're already here and there's no turning back
I fall to scene of the war


You can see me
Flying right over you head
Try to stop me
You can't cause your armies are dead
To cross blood red
Trenches of the dead below
Do or die
Hell's the place you'll go

[1 :]