Versuri Testament - Let Go Of My World

Album: Testament - The Ritual

[Music: Peterson]
[Lyrics: Billy, James]

Listen now to my sordid tale
My words they speak to you
They testify
You can't deny
You see it's on so true
I dwell in thoughts
Of the universe
What's immorality ?
it's said to be
The lies they breed
The pages start to bleed
How can this be ?
Let go of my world
Let it go ...
Touch my soul
With subliminal sin
Deceptions they induce
Ingest the lies
Dissect the mind
You can't control the youth
Enslave the free
With conformity
Oppression takes its toll
Hey little man
Who are you
To try to take control
Of my soul ...
Let go of my world
Let me go ...
Bleed me dry
Read between the lies
Filter out the truth
Pick at my brain
Brand me insane
I know what I must do
take my life into my own hands
My sins I will atone
It I don't cry
I will reside
Inside mental home
Home sweet home ... Let go of my world
Let it go ...