Versuri Testament - Raging Waters

Album: Testament - The Legacy

[Music: Peterson]
[Lyrics: Souza, Peterson]

[1 :]
Our ship sailed on through the
Violent burning sea
Not knowing of the danger
Waiting in store for me
We wound up all in mayhem
The vessel tossed and turned
The compass that had led us
We watched it slowly burn
We'll never see our homeland
We know it all right then
That fate was on the second hand
Of borrowed time again
For that evil pathed our way

The men were being thrown
From left and right they feel
The water was as hot as satan's
Forge from hell
The questions that arose like
Where the hell are we
I had a good idea we're in the
Devils sea : the triangle !

See what's become of your
Life left to live
No hope from this land of trust
Hells winds scream sacrilege
Death from above
The great white closes in
The corpses afloat all shattered in rage
No hope for our piece of mind
Satans vessels come closer and closer
He holds the seas fate in his hand

"Violence terror"
Raging waters
Dying has scare us nowhere to go
Darkness prevails no one to save us
Every one man for himself

The red gem of Hades is shining
Too hot
Satan's power becomes strong
His armies have killed so many
Before us
A sacrifice must be done
The door of the chosen
Has opened for us what sanctuary
Will we see
See him panic crying in lust
Screaming he'll get me


[1 :]