Versuri Textures - Polars

Album: Textures - Polars

In perfect balance between what was meant and things that are to come.
Fellow member of my kind, cannot control what you don't understand .
Time is tipping the scales of my judgement.
Steel-plated heart, that once was broken down!

I choose to walk away, because i can't bare to see things that fall apart.
We used to share one thought.

We used to have a bond.

Lost in a mountain area.
Hear her calling, but no response.
Even machines come looking for me .

This is a morgue
Silence is obedience.
In here, automated electronic systems keep the pace well, at regulating light and cooling systems.
as for now, inhere.
Lying there naked, wondering if its true:
Am I larger than the sum of my parts?
Engrave a sign in the earths crust.
I want to stay longer on this planet.

Things fall apart.
Give me more time for Ill be worth it.
A vast as say as any highlands, there is still air there.
I am breathing , so I could be there now .

manifest, for me you end in Dogma
preparation made, silence seeks solution
can't stand the waiting for my sole, deadly sin
already stood till, and a while at the location;
scene of the act,
that what man calls crime
but no crime in a war

the next day I hear her calling again.
Shall I try to establish contact?
For how long could I survive here on my own?
Am I even destined to be here?
And here is maybe all that exists.
I can hear other machines again. Apparatus.
No-one will ever know, why you walked away, for it is a secret revealing nature that tells this tale.

Any form or shape, a motion or disguise, is bound to be an image,
a template-view made to be seen.
Inside-out this situation does not apply!
There can be one.
I will not be scared.
Knowing of the inconsequent complexity, in my appearance, there can't be none....

World without end, life of fear .
Worms and flies coming out of my body.
Horrendous decay of the falsening light, for those who try to understand.

A calamity encounter, god-speed propellore.
Meet my other end, wait for a world war.
Hide for a cancer.
I will stay strong by renewal of visions, refreshed by the water.
My pouring with rain, my echo of eternity.
Symmetry seeking a young man, going with whimper,
sigh / growth / decay , all simultaneous actions...

Sanity in thought and its patterns, a pure form of logic mixed with emotions, this pro-life ...
Why do I, earth, exist ?
I contain so many forms, would I come out for real .....

a quick guide to self-preservation.
Here the body is only a tool.

Dial: R.E.D.E.M.P.T.I.O.N., master of my fate .
I harbour no illusions, but I still stand tall.
Forced navigation into fields of trust .
Master of my fate, where will we meet in time?

Gone now , left without the outcry of a demonstration, preparation made, the silence seeks solution.
Cant stand the caller/colour, waiting for my sole

In my stomach i feel an infant growing.
The small child inside of me represents life.
Not capable of making any decisions at all.
I wait and wait for her return...

For those who do not know, the difference between polars:
Unconsciousness, my bless entwined.
positively, all negative soul ......

One fraction of time now represents one day .
The earths turn, the moon and planet cycles .
The proximity of a planet left for dead.
Nature will win this war.

Fierce energy-swallowing process,
a peninsula with only one road.
How to visit with a main entrance blocked .
No procedure needed, nor does a formulae exist.

Dark impersonation of enlightenment, due to self-preservation and control, I still stand tall,
peacefully and harsh.
Freedom is a lockdown.
Blinded by the light, it crawls on the floor.
My rhythm upset , seek for a safer harbour .....

I know you feel the same, Knowing what its like.

Up here, high, solitude of stone .
A pile is just for me, and even now, being made, I am nothing.
A total birth of a self-pregnant mother.
Perpetuating behaviour, my outside world, beyond the mirrors.

Can you feel me?
Cause this is not my Carbondioxide!

Conditions, boundaries crossed, layers lost, to become one with earth .
My tendency to be submerged with all.
One gigantic and twisted entropy .

this is our final distinction...