Versuri Thanatos - Dawn Of The Dead

Album: Thanatos - Emerging From The Netherworlds


Rise, corpses rise...Doomsday has arrived
Hell's gates are opened rise
The earth is trembling, graves are opening, the undead are set free
Mass rebirth, mass resurrection, no way you can escape them
No more room left in hell, they're doomed to walk the earth
Satan's legions march to kill

You cannot run, you cannot hide
You can't escape, you're bound to die

In search of brains and flesh, they hunt the living down
Like a blowjob-hungry b***h they suck you inside out


Satan's masterplan prevails; world domination, reign of fear
Kill the living, kill them all, Kill God's creatures one by one
As the undead walk the earth, world downfall is close at hand
God retreats, this battle is lost, Satan rules supreme
Will God strike back, and turn the night to day
Or will eternal dark be earth's perpetual fate?

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