Versuri Thanatos - Progressive Destructor

Album: Thanatos - Emerging From The Netherworlds


In the name of Allah, they kill each other
The Ayatollah is their god, in Hell his soul shall rot

Progressive Destructor
Progressive Destructor

Women living in fear, their faces may not be seen
But between their legs he is pleased, and spills his unholy seed

Progressive Destructor
Progressive Destructor

Unholy sacrifice, senseless minds finds their way to death
A new Fhrer has risen, a new nightmare has begun


Soldiers of Allah, blind obedience till the end
Mass destruction for faith Dripping with blood, burning in flames


Secrets of pleasure locked up in the book
Fall to your knees for the Ayatollah's commands
Live by the lies of your lord Your lord who was aborted from the b*****s womb...

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