Versuri Thanatos - Thou Shalt Rot

Album: Thanatos - Angelic Encounters

[Music & lyrics: S.Gebdi]

She drank the seed of thirteen devils
Cast out from hell, banned from heaven
Mother of all whores, mother of sin
She carries the spawn of Evil within

In the flames of horror -
she spills her blood
Giving birth to Invictus-
left to rot

Born from the seed of thirteen devils
He carries the flag of death into battle
Invictus, immortal, the lord of plagues
All enemies slaughtered, all opponents slain
On the field of honour- he'll spill your blood
On the field of honour- thou shalt rot:

As we're gathered here tonight,
in the Church of Indulgence
We celebrate Invictus,
our victorious lord Bringer of pleasures,
master of sin
Destroyer of dogmas,
he feeds the power within

Forward into battle,
destroying all in sight
Root out all religion;
the plague of mankind

God, the demon architect,
the master of all lies
Billions drugged for life,
please open your eyes!

[intro inspired by the motion picture "The Beyond" - the mother of all gore movies,]
[directed by the late Master of Gore; Lucio Fulci]

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