Everything We Had Acoustic Tab - The Academy Is

This tab is from the acoustic version of "Everything We Had" . This is a bonus track
only appeared on the bonus DVD edition of Santi. In that edition of Santi the acoustic
of "Everything We Had" appears twice; once on the CD as a bonus audio track, and once on 
DVD where you can see the performance that they got the audio from.
The live performance of the song from the dvd can be seen here.(It is a few minutes into 

This tab is for the picking in the song. The picking is the same throughout the song.
picking is played over and over. If you listen to the song you will catch on very easily.
the chorus there are chords being played, but when I was playing and singing this with a 
we found that the chorus can be sung over the picking instead of the chords. Even
if it is played that way the song gets a bit repetitive, it can make the vocals sound 
softer or stronger depending on the way that it is sung.

unlike some other songs, this song was originally played on an acoustic guitar, and dose
sound right when it is played on an electric guitar.

I figured out how to play this on my acoustic guitar. It sounded pretty close to perfect
I played along with the song. When I played through it on my electric guitar (un-pluged
volume reasons) without the song, it sounded okay, but when I played with the song, it 
off because of the difference between the tones of an acoustic and an un-pluged
Even when I plugged in my electric guitar it sounded off, because part of what makes 
song sound simple, light, and downright pretty, is the acoustic guitar tone. So if you are 
it on an electric guitar expect it to sound a bit different from the recording.

Sorry for the longwinded explanations. Happy playing.