Versuri The Adicts - Life Goes On

Album: The Adicts - Life Goes On

Wake up sleepy head
time to get out of bed
rise and shine there's another day ahead
do you remember last night?
you were on the brewy side
you have plenty of time
to unwise sketches
Oh together and in no time I'll be down at your bar
for the head of the dark
the day is young but the night will come
come and hit the town and have some fun
I got money to spend
spend it with my friend
a drink or two or maybe more
then will be standing out the door
don't know what night will bring
I can't remember a thing
I think I had something to say
And it went:

La la la la la la la lala
Life goes on
Such a matter of fun
La la la la la la
Life goes on

Beer beer let's have another beer
everybody is cheering
cheers cheers lets have another brew
For me, and you
So cheers
To all of you


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