Versuri The Adicts - Reaky Deaky Boys And Girls

Album: The Adicts - Life Goes On

One Reaky Deaky Boy
Two Reaky Deaky Girls
Three Reaky Deaky Boys
Four There's More
Five Reaky Deaky Boys
Six Reaky Deaky Girls
Seven Reaky Deaky Boys
Eight Now Wait.
I See Them Dancing In The Street
To A Revolutionary Beat
Thinking They Can Stand The Heat
Never Ever Seen Them Do The Fandango
Something Borrowed Something Blue
Why Not Try Something New
I Love To See The Young Knarflers
Do The Bossanova And Fall Over
Now The Young Of Today
Like To Do It Their Own Way
It Really Is Such A Craze
When I See The Young Kids
Do The Old Tango
Welly Welly Well