Versuri The All American Rejects - Tell Me On Christmas

Tell me you love me
And I know it's true
Say that you hate me
Sometimes you really do
Say that I'm hopeless
Sometimes I know it
Just tell me on Christmas

And say you're crazy
Your spreading it out
What's life about crazy?
I'll fall to the ground
'Cos I can't get over it
And outside it's snowing
Just tell me on Christmas

There are people in the world
That can't find their way
Slowing fight through today
This is the season I won't go by
Just tell me on Christmas
To get through tonight, tonight, tonight, oh right

Tell me on Christmas
This scene you'll forget
She seems like forgiveness
And I'll play her regret

Because without you I'm hopeless
I know that you know it
Just say that you need me
And you'll never leave me
Just tell me on Christmas

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