Bear Chords - The Antlers

The same chords are used for the verse in the last song on Hospice: "Epilogue"

The last chord switch in the intro is deadly and kinda unnecessary unless you 
wanna follow the xylophone exactly.
Otherise I'd just let the D ring out like it does in the verse.


G  Bm  C  G F# Em  Am  C  D C#Maj11


G  Bm  C  G(the root slide-down is G, F#)  Em  Am  C  D

          G                Bm
There's a bear inside your stomach.

               C                  G F#
The cub's been kicking from within.

Em                        Am
He's loud, though without vocal chords

      C             D
We'll put an end to him.



C  Bm  Am  D

          C      Bm
We're too old

          Am     D
We're not old at all.

         C      Bm
Just too old

          Am     D
We're not old at all.