Versuri The Arrivals - Im Sorry For Saying Im Sorry

Album: The Arrivals - Marvels Of Industry

When I was nine years old I was singing and broke the Polish lamp
Thought maybe I should just run away
They'd never have to say 'Christ he could have been better than this.'
They'd never have to see my awful rotten face again
But someone caught me as I was heading for the door
And soon I was tangled in their arms
The shame shame
Shame shame shame
Shine everyday
Shine everyday
Shine everyday

There's no hope when you're dancing in a steady wind
I've crunched more toes than I can count
And just when you think that you might have crossed the worst of it
And just when you can't possibly do yourself in again
You're caught a bad way
You're feeling stupid and small
Or you're only feeling human again
f**k break then mend away
Shine everyday