Versuri The Autumn Offering - Born Dead

Album: The Autumn Offering - The Autumn Offering

Cold silence grips me
The life-giving womb a grave
Breathe embryonic poison
Takes my breath away
Shadows engulf this day in black
For one such as I born to his death
My blood of life the venom
Forever wear it's stain

f**k you and you're broken hands
f**k you for words unsaid
f**k all you're malice and you're lies
I am the scar forever cut into your skin
I am the living born dead

Your just a f*****g used up hole
(Sent back to the shadows)
Cauterized dead and bloated

These are your last days
Closed permanently
There's only one exit left


From the blood of perdition
I stood and looked into it's eyes
Ripe with death and putrefaction
No God to hear my infant cries
Through stained glass cracks I slipped and slithered
My name drips off the serpent's tongue

Wolves and snakes encircle me
Yet cannot kill the son of man

From the blood of perdition
Pray for a invocation
Death doesn't know my name
I've lived this life in vain