Versuri The Autumn Offering - Narcosis

Album: The Autumn Offering - Requiem (2009)

Submit to the numbness of narcotic sleep
It dulls my eyes and dilates under the expanse of grey skies
The dark comes to surface
In my dreams the world burns
Falling like prisms
Turned numb to the pain

Like my father spit on me
Tell me how worthless I am

As daylight filters leaves
She wept so many tears for me
Of desperation

Forgive me father
Forsaken have been left to die

The walking dead surround me
The hubris of our shame
Sleepwalkers and the lemmings of modern day

...and I'm sorry I always pushed you away
Please let me go

Cradled in its grip with a gun up to my head
Stomach aches
Skin is white
I'm always back for more


You wanted to live
Time lapsed while I couldn't breathe (couldn't breathe)
Inspiration has died (you cannot open my eyes)
...and nothing makes me feel alive
(for years of the torment left covered in shame)
Time lapsed while I couldn't breathe
(cut from your pride, born from your pain)
As we slowly fade away
In the end your all buried to me

If callous hearts collide
Could I re-open the wounds left scarred?
To let those emotions bleed
Of the ghost that's left of me


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