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Post-punk band, from Timisoara. "As the world of the spectacle extends its reign, it approaches the climax of its offensive provoking new resistances everywhere. These resistances are very little known precisely because the reigning spectacle is designed to present an omnipresent hypnotic image of unanimous submission. But they do exist and are spreading." Band Members: Alexandru voice/guitar Adi guitar Zan bass Seba drums...Toata biografia The Bad Days Will End

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  • Concert The Static Age in club Daos din Timisoara

    Concertul de duminica, 8 mai, se munta din clubul Manufactura in clubul Daos din Timisoara. Concertul are loc pentru sustinerea Underground Timisoara Festival no 14. Trupele invitate sunt: The Static Age (post-punk / alternative, USA) The Bad Days Will End (post-punk, Timisoara) Concertul incepe...

  • Concert Modern Ghosts of the Road in club Underworld Bucuresti

    Modern Ghosts of the Road este un instrumental home project al lui Alexandru Das (The Bad Days Will End/Uma Swan). Prestatia artistica va fi singura care va avea loc vreodata, iar acest concert cu aceste piese nu se va mai repeta alta data. Invitati: Alexandru (The Bad Days Will End/Uma Swan) -...

  • Concert Monozid in club Manufactura din Timisoara

    Monozid (post-punk, Germania) vor concerta sambata, 16 octombrie, in clubul Manufactura din Timisoara. In deschidere vor canta autohtonii de la The Bad Days Will End . Concertul incepe la ora 21:00, iar pretul unui bilet este de 10 lei. Duminica, 24 octombrie, turpa de post punk Monozid va canta in clubul...

  • Concert Dekadens in Club Manufactura din Timisoara

    Sambata, 8 mai 2010, ora 21:00, trupele Dekadens & The Bad Days Will End vor concerta in Manufactura Handmade Cafe din Timisoara. Biletele se pot procura la intrare. Pretul unui bilet este de 8 lei.

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The Bad Days Will End

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