Perfectly Chords - The Birthday Massacre

Written and Performed by Brad Skistimas (Five Times August)
Transcribed by Whitney Borisenok

This is just a simple chord version I figured out a couple of minutes ago.  It's fun to 
around with, you can finger pick and play it like he does or make it your own.  It can 
capoed anywhere depending on your voice, but he capos it on 7.

Chords Used:

      G    G/F#  Em7  Cadd9   Am   

Verse: G - G/F# - Em7 - Cadd9

Youre the center of me
And youre the sinner in me
Em7                                              Cadd9
A saint in the wait, but the weight keeps bringing me down

Chorus: Am - G/B - Gsus2

               Am G/B Gsus2
Cause how you leaned on me

               Am G/B Gsus2
And how youd sing to me

               Am G/B Gsus2 (strum once)
Thats what you mean to me,

And its perfectly you

That's all there is to it for the most part.  The strumming pattern is pretty basic, you 
get it down by listening to the song a couple of times and playing along with it.  Enjoy!