Versuri The Bled - You Should Be Ashamed Of Myself

Album: The Bled - Silent Treatment

welcome to the end of the night where everyone reeks of stale smoke dirty jokes.
stop me if you've heard this one the ransoms over where's my cut?
skewered on an open flame I bought you off the spit pose for me.
paws and knees trace around the switchblade gash we're all born fresh.
but now we rot.
I'm the bastard kid of a dead-beat town you're just what I need to bring me down I've got enough strength for one more round does that sound good to you?
it sounds good to me baby.
I'm the lucky son of a b***h you need to keep alive your losing streak I've got one more trick up my sleeve does that work for you?
it works for me baby.
and you can't tear your eyes away cause she's got such a pretty face and one filthy f*****g mind I will wait outside the gates and I won't leave till you show me what's on the inside I can't shake this lack of sleep it feasts on me our mothers sleep with lottery dreams our fathers built the pyramid schemes nothing is ever what it seems but it works for you cause it works for me baby you just had yourself a taste of how sweet the life could be if you could just leave yours behind.