Versuri The Boys of Summer - A Long Road Home

Album: The Boys of Summer - What its all about

I've been hiding out in a bottle for three whole years now
And I want to get out, yeah I wanna get out
But reality keeps telling me that my humanity
is gonna get a check now

No, it was not a plan, it was just a gift,
it was just a shooting star and I grabbed hold of it
No, it was not a test, it was just a space for me to reflect
A place where I had no regrets

And I feel like I'm running now,
like I'm heading for a long road home
Yeah I feel like I'm running now,
like I’m heading for a long road home

And I've been struggling for years
to keep my head up off the ground
And all I have got to show
for this is all that I am left with
My past due bills and I've got friends,
a depleted account and these string stained hands
But I've seen more then most from coast to coast,
living on the road

Tick, tock a limerick under your breath
Four words, yeah I know what you're saying
"I'm always coming down" (Cause I am)(Well I said)
I guess that oh no, I won't go all the way home
as long as you're here Oh no I can't go home

Where I feel, where I feel...