Versuri The Boys of Summer - My Best Interest

Album: The Boys of Summer - What its all about

You are a flower in disguise
Mission accomplished cause I wanna hide
Run and write for you into those cold nights
Sleep in bed until the morning comes alive
You are this battle in my head
A drink to take down when I'm depressed
A cure all for the medicines that I miss
These things that I wanna give up, for you

So take your last drinks and when it settles
You can find the comfort in your arms, but never in your heart
Cause all those days that I wished that
I could be with you, was not good for me,
was never good anyway

You are a case of writers block, blood clots
in the arteries of all my hopes and dreams
Your heart is ever cold so much that I can see
My breath when I speak your name
I can feel all your pain,
from all the things that you've done wrong

Open up your window to me and tell me
you love me, tell me I'm the only one
Open up your window to me (I hope the sound of my name,
makes your skin crawl, makes your bones ache)...

This is for all of the wrongs
I can't right these scary things in the night
The places I wanna go Cause God I miss my home
If I just had one more chance, I swear that
I’d make this right I swear I say all those things
I couldn’t say, I wanted to say those words...