Versuri The Casting Out - Dont Forget To Breathe

Album: The Casting Out - Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks!

This is where the story ends
Half past inelegant defense
I must admit it's not my best
Stop, time out
I'm a mess
All my fault
At least I guess
But I'm not angry anymore (go on just breathe)
I've said my peace and settled scores
Rage fades away
Panic and pain
I've fought every fear
And I've held them near
Demons I've raised don't hurt the same
It's never what it seems
Just don't forget to breathe
Can't feel my face
I cause a scene
Try not to run
Go through routine
Somehow I try to force belief
Start it over
1,2,3 count to go on
Just breathe (breathe)
Stand still
Just don't forget to breathe

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