Versuri The Casting Out - For Tonight

Album: The Casting Out - The Casting Out

its not a matter of finding out exactly how we feel.
its a matter of disasters that have followed us both here.
to the brink of discernment where we dare our selves to jump.
keeping steady hands on both our guns defending what we’ve lost

your not her.
i'm not him.
lets hold it together
and keep it in just for tonight

running out of distractions running out of things to say.
diverting eyes to almost anything to keep my hands away.
if i'm with you much longer theres no telling what we’ll do.
face to face with this temptation. stay and face the fall with you

a different case, another place,
and we would not waste this much time.
but time is what we must afford.
just pull it back, keep it intact.
i'll keep whats mine, you keep whats yours,
or we’ll repeat what came before

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