Versuri The Casting Out - Liar (And The Award Goes To...)

Album: The Casting Out - Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks!

Set on how we come to terms
no one listens
no one learns
doors are locked
the witches are burned
fresh face
stale irony affords an audience that pays
to score
the climax kills they scream for more
loved your speech
you're the flavor of the week
you're a lie, you're a lie
you're a liar take it all the way
the lights and masquerade
you're a lie, you're a lie
you're a liar all the same
these shoes fit
so does your mouth
so dress it up
and wear it out
they swoon
suspending any doubt
cause this is where the story ends
and yes they're
drink what you spent
doting, feeble, and content one time...
really is a shame
two times...
written on your face
three times...
you're a perfect disaster
hey kid, you got it mastered...
way to go...
that's right man
way to go (you're a liar, i'm a liar, this is all we have)

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