Versuri The Casting Out - Lullaby

Album: The Casting Out - Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks!

This is hope
this is faith
this is my life
it's no miracle that i'm still standing
this is my soul
my heart until i die
cause someones got to try
yeah, the reasons that i'm still breathing
are in these lullabies
in this fight
we live or dream it
so i'm still screaming out these lullabies
tonight i've been counted out
i've ran for cover
and one too many times
i should have died
it's not about redemption
it's pure salvation
written out in every single line
this is everything i've known set to rhymes
and passing tones
yeah, i'm still standing here right now
through the tragic
to the bone
take it all
i've been disowned
but i'm still standing

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