Versuri The Casting Out - The Ebbing Of The Tide

Album: The Casting Out - Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks!

Sirens scream
northern winds pull me back
without defense i smash against the rocks
again ship-wrecked
beaten down
lost at sea
with broken sounds calling me from all around
so i give what i have left
i give it all back without a fight
and i already lost my mind so many times
i stand cold and hollow eyed
against the ebbing of the tide
oh my, oh my
against the ebbing of the tide
fear of how this will end
analogies to help pretend that this is art
not incompetence
straying from the simply put
disguised with arrogance
and hooks for washed up faith and dirty looks
....through these years.....
this is my last tragic embrace
my last reason to say i'm getting over dramatic
but kinda like it that way
i feel so self absorbed
and it's embarrassing when theres no cause to believe
not as i'll ever see that
you'll hear these words
and that they'll mean anything
its getting easy to laugh
its getting harder to breathe
god i've got to stop drinking alone

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