Versuri The Casting Out - These Alterations

Album: The Casting Out - Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks!

I know it's selfish
i can't help it
it ain't going away, it's a shame
but i can't pull it together any better than i did yesterday
i can't face it
and i run away and then come running
yeah, i don't care
but i can't look in your eyes
i'm unaware and undecided
now you can't save me
but i'm hoping that you might try these alterations
don't give it away
then i don't mind
but i don't feel like
hey, these alterations
don't give it away
but i don't mind
i try to talk
the words fall out
i just don't know what to say
i get tongue tied
why lie
you come around bringing me down
then bring me up and away
i can't face it
and i so don't make a sound
it's all been said
what have we found
for so many times around

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