Versuri The Chasm - A Dream Of An Astral Spectrum (To An Eternal Hate)

Album: The Chasm - Procreation Of The Inner Temple

I want to find the end of the road
And I want to sing the mysteries of my penance

Because I hear the tears of the trees
And I feel the fire in the rain

Once there was light, a dream of an Astral Spectrum

Until what's eternal dies, until the unknown be known
I'll fly in these spheres of hate, chaos and ignorance, I'll fly...

While I'm sitting on the Darkside of the very moon
Tears approach the grief of my internal void

Tears approach the grief of my internal void...

The Gray waters will tremble in my rise
I will be the spirit of the storms

My essence will be magnificent
The bleeding eye will control my Faith

These Cosmic landscapes of sorrows
The misery in the Mistery, I'm the Master of myself
The creator of my will, my will...

"I'm finding the way, I see what they've done
The end of the dreams is near, but first I'll kiss
The end of the road..."

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