Versuri The Chasm - Confessions And A Strange Anxiety

Album: The Chasm - Procreation Of The Inner Temple

Will I ever be free? With my heart and soul
I walk these colossal times, with you and the hallucination
Caressing the flames of your eyes
The deepest of my sorrows

And once more time I'm alone
A Crashing tide of grief washed over me
Blinded by bitter tears of rejection
And the sound of grey aspirations...

In this Inner Temple I'll die, in my cosmos within I'll fly

Towards the pyramid of feelings, I'll walk so far away

I thought that you were the one, my sad heart kissed my tears
As the moon and stars are gathering

"I must kill the present
And respect the unseen future"

I walk these colossal times, caressing the flames of your eyes

The statues of my voluntary fall
Will stand until the sand covers me...

The sand will cover me, and once more time I'm alone...

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