Versuri The Chasm - Eternal Cycle Of Delusion

Album: The Chasm - The Spell of Retribution

And the Strangest yet Strongest phase of
this Infraterrenal journey has been put into the final crease
With uniform eternity, depiction of the failing shadows
Description of my Inner Vision, but I choose to suffer
I choose to Reign, complete in fragmented timespaces
No forgiveness...
For the Eternal Cycle of Potential Spiritual Extermination
Is about to commence, yes, walking again, lonely in this path
In a Circle of no return, in the Hall of justice forgotten
As the energies around my Temple have progressed
Discerning what this procreation has intended,
and continues to intend, Scar by Scar, Epic by Epic
To a portal to the bravery of my thoughts
As we avenge all the misery planted by the ignorance of the Scum,
(and) as we cast them into Catastrophic Exile,
My faded memories scarred asked myself:
Are we all Dead? Is Everything lost?
And the Price we paid, it was worth it?
A torrid and mesmerizing silence was the answer

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