Versuri The Chasm - Honoris Lux Infinitus (A Whisper Of The Moon)

Album: The Chasm - Procreation Of The Inner Temple

In pursuit of Clarividence to live is to sleep
To die is to awake in the twilight of the fears

Those countless melodies of hate
In the oceans of fresh sadness
The sound of the other side
Is the mirror of my grave's face

But I have pride and force
My heart is the fire of hope
The anger will make me Immortal
For me to die is to awake

Ecstasy in the nocturnal winds
Light and visions of grey faces
Vortex of innocence and desire
No beauty nor happiness

Vortex of innocence and desire...

Show me the memories, Honoris lux infinitus
I want to be forsaken under my forgotten lands

Hear the whispers of the moon

Forever my will is strong and my hate is everlasting
My bride is the majesty, she comes in the
Honoris lux infinitus...

Light and visions of grey faces
No beauty, nor happiness...

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