Versuri The Chasm - Retribution Of The Lost Years (I The Pastfinder III)

Album: The Chasm - The Spell of Retribution

There was a smoldering thunder
Vicious corruption of the purity on the Ether
We once believed in the Spiritual induction
Cause and Myth of a grand knowledge of Fury
and once I walked in the Deadly path
and once I drifted below the crisp infidel winds
There was Pestilence and Rain made of Tears
A Coven of Hunters and King-priest
and a hollow structure of fallen dreams and Megalomania
infects the Crypts, of my Reign of Despair
The Beast Within, the warm breath of my inner Demons
Corrosion of the last delusion
Infraworld and Infrafate I speak to you,
My Elder Ancestry
I remain strong and strong is the will
To conquer and expulse
the decimators of the stolen Prosperity,
Retribution of the Lost Years...