Coldest Heart Chords - The Classic Crime

Capo 3rd Fret

C                                        C/G
A couple of years and I'm a silhouette 
       Am                  F                          
My halo is broken now and I'm all that's left 
C                                                    C/G
I hate to disappoint but it's the way things went 
I was bound to the things I did
And after what was said 

C      G
Tie up these loose ends 
                    Am             F
These voices are calling me out 
I've got the solution 
You can feed me to something 
That is leaving this doubt 


C    G  Am
Whoa, I'm losing hope 
There's a hole in my heart 
That's been cut out of stone 
            G              Am
Whoa, cold comes cold goes 
Could you fill this hole? 
Cause I can't do it alone 

A couple of tears and I'm a broken mess 
The sadness has taken me far too deep in regret 
So sing me a song about something good 
My heart's on the thrashing floor 
And I've done every single thing I could 
I use to believe in 
Some kind of feelin' 
That could change everything I thought I knew 
But that door is closed and 
My heart feels like it's frozen 
If you hear me I can feel you 


(Bridge 4x) 
The coldest heart can be brought to life 
When it's thrown into the fire of goodbyes 

(Chorus 2x) 

I've got the coldest heart (4x) 
(Cause I can't do it alone)] 

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