The Rest Of The World Has Gone Home ver2 Chords - The Courteeners

Capo 5th

A-3-333      2-3
G---000               Repeat untill verse

There are 2 different ways to play the F and the G chord in this song:

(F1)        (F2)        (G1)      (G2)
E           E 1         E         E 3
A 3         A 3         A 5       A 2
D 3         D 3         D 5       D 0
G 2         G 2         G 4       G 0
B 1         B 1         B 3       B 3
e           e 1         e         e 3

(Verse 1)

C              C/B             C
Mark was there, he was chasing tail
                                F1                  G1          C
The urban genie on the door got offered the manners test and he failed.
                                    C/B                     C
That girl who said that she was your friend, but you really hated her
                            F1                    G1         C
was there in her element as two chunky, thick set skinheads gyrated her.


F2                     G2           C     C/B       Am
I'll be sulking by the cigarette ma-chine by the back bar
F1       G1              C
this time you've gone too far
        F2                 G2               C   C/B     Am
I'll be minding your drink as you go to the RBS cash ma-chine
F1        G1       C
Don't sniff keep it clean.
F2           G2       C   C/B Am
What should I do now, I'm all alone?
F1             G1            C
the rest of the world has gone home


(Verse 2)

C                  C/B                  C
I tried playing my feelings though this verse.
          F1            G1                C
Just like Neil Young did in the back of his Hearst.
                          C/B              C
But you wont hear much of that though, in here though,
                     F1                     G1
its full of cheerful chaps who whistle, and leer, 
live on their own.

Chorus (As above)


C                     C/B               C                 
The Deansgate fireflies they blink, and wink at me.
                    F1            G1       C
I haven't felt this alone since my art GCSE
                      C/B   C
Don't bother with the tears tomorrow
you're always doing it, you're always doing it,
       G1            C 
you're always bloody doing it

Chorus (As above)