Why Do You Do It Tab - The Courteeners

Fray - unreleased / early solo, played couple of times with Courteeners


C, Fmaj7, G*, Am, G, F,

Intro & Verses:

  C       Fmaj7            C         Fmaj7            C
--1---1-----1---1---------- 1111---1----1---1------------1111---|
--2-----2---3-----3-------- 2222-----2--3-----3--3 s 5---2222---| x2
--3------------------3-2--- 3333-------------------------3333---|

  C       Fmaj7            C        Fmaj7            C
--1---1-----1---1---------- 1111---1----1---1---------------1111---|
--2-----2---3-----3-------- 2222-----2--3-----3--3 s 5------2222---| x2
--3------------------3-2--- 3333----------------------------3333---|

Why do you do it,                   Why do you do it, do it to me

Am               G             F                    C
The butterfly lights are on, and they're getting dimmer
Am                  G             F                    C
A silent kiss and a ??? frame is pale and your getting thinner
Am                     G                    F                      C
I'm sick and tired of all of them people saying you shouldn't have come
F                                  G
Instead we arrived on the 123 and now we're done


Intro, Chorus

Verse 2

All of your friends.......got dark rings around your eyes
and I suppose you think that's fashionable, but that's no surprise

*can't make out next two lines sorry but that's the song*


Intro and Chorus