Versuri the CROWN - I Won't Follow

Album: the CROWN - Deathrace King

My will grows strong when Heaven falls down Hell breaks new ground
Tear up, break down and burn the circles around my life
God cries, who cares? Your paradise is a childish dream
Behind the door death stands tall, awaiting all

This is our life of Heaven and Hell
This is our time for pleasure and pain
And the dead start to sing:
"When you go, you go forever
When you go, you go alone
When you go, you won't remember
When you go, you'll never leave!"

My will stays strong. Commit the sin of being myself
Awake what sleeps, to be alive in a waking dream
I won't fade away, I won't trust the lies, I won't waste more time
Your world I leave, and as I look back, there's nothing I miss
Never will I give up my soul, nothing you say can change my way
You say: "Obey!"

Where I go, I go forever
Where I go, I go alone
Where I go, I won't remember
Where I go, I'll never leave

Darkness forever - death in excelsis. Hell after Hell, after Hell, after Hell!
Death is forever - black non-existence. Time beyond time, beyond time, beyond time!
Death after death, after death, after death!

Empty me of all your worries, concentrate on death
To find what really matters, it cuts me free, and I see it clear...
You try so hard to hide, to follow and fit in
But serving your life to the system's s**t won't save you from your death!

So useless in the face of this! So useless in the face of death!

There is only one thing to make me strong, to cleanse my mind from all the filth
My death...guides my life!

I won't follow! I won't follow! I won't follow! I won't follow!
No... No! NO!!
Death after death, after death, after death!