Versuri The Devil Wears Prada - Big Wiggly Style

Album: The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots Above And Branches Below (2009)

My regret is not writing more for you, lord.
As this ocean comes to be deeper our vessel becomes less stable,
Look to the sky.
Encourage the elements of god,
Rather than the jars that contain them.
If only the ingredients of man were of such elements.
If only.
With great horror, I admit that we all live off the lust and misfortune of others.
All lives off the lust and misfortune of others,
This is vision, not contradiction.
I see greed in the face of a priest,
And deterioration in the walls of cathedrals.
What was right, now wrong,
Casts a cold reflection on glory,
Look to the sky.

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