Versuri The Duskfall - Going Down Screaming

Album: The Duskfall - Lifetime Supply Of Guilt

We have too much of everything, drowning in this s**t, cant even deal with it.
Weve gotten all too much, this life has been too easy, now humanity is decreasing.

The life you live will leave you scarred, a choice like yours wont get you far, crack cocaine and fancy cars.
A High so deep it changes you, not even the whites can help you through, drag yourself down is what you do.

You rely on bastards on your side, you keep them close, theyll suck you dry and keep the doors closed.
Here we are the bastard you and I, you kept us closed, we sucked you dry, lets keep the doors closed.

Those city streets wont keep you warm, drag you down and do you harm, see all your wealth wash away.
I am just too joyful to be considered sane, I might be smiling... But this hell stays the same.

I dont believe in this, not in us, arent you curious at all?
This is the end, it cant be that hard.