Versuri The Duskfall - Striving To Have Nothing

Album: The Duskfall - Source

A man can't foresee it, his own destiny is written.
All guessing is useless, just to do what you have to, to get by.
Another road taken, another bridge is going to fall.
Too many dices, thrown for the sake of his own.

Explorations ended, opportunities lost along the way
relationships lying dead.

Strive - to have nothing done right
to have nothing to live for
to have only existed, and you call it life.
Strive - to have nothing done right
Nothing to hang on to
to have only excisted, and you call it life.

You can't go around it, all our destinies are written.
All denying is useless, just another breed wasting their days.
A wrong turn taken, another life fading away.
Too many rules, made to protect themselves.