Versuri The Eternal - Weight Of Empathy

Album: The Eternal - Sleep Of Reason

[Music: M. Kelson; Lyrics: M. Kelson]

With sunken eyes I raise my weary head
Before the sullen rising of my apathy
I taste of the life that giveth to me
Smothered in the growing weight of empathy
Falling to my bloodied knees
I scream to a god that some may claim they've seen
Beneath me burns this harrowed land
Cracks in this barren earth threaten to swallow me

Waiting for this feeling to subside
Opening my eyes, I face this empty life
See this world in its slow decay
Dying of a plague, mankind's insanity
Reigning from the skies above
Covering this land in blackened death and grief
Where is the voice of reason?
Lost in translation or just trying to ignore?

And I won't ever let you see
The hatred and the pain I've seen
And I won't ever let you be
As alone or misled, like I've been
And I won't covert all your pain
To bleed you dry of life again
And I won't ever make you plead
For your sanity on your hands and knees

Don't leave me here to face the turning tide
Don't leave me here to see the dawning light
Don't leave me in a world that has gone numb
Don't leave me here to find my way

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