Versuri The Gates Of Slumber - The Doom Of Aceldama

Album: The Gates Of Slumber - Hymns of Blood and Thunder

Better not to be born at all
Is what the prince said
A faded rainbow falls
My guts burst as I hang
For 30 shackles
I became the bastard one
On the horizon
The beast stands tall

Without my damnation
The tempter would have won
But I bore this curse
To be forever his
The angels cried
With a kiss he smiled
On the field of blood
Belial knelt down

Forever I'll dwell in the field of fire
Forever I'll dwell in this land of doom
Whatever the price
I'll pay it all
Dark is the abyss
Lonely this doom

Oh why
Why father
Why am I
The one of all sin
My name is cursed forever
Oh why
Why father
Why am I the bastard one
When can I be forgiven?

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