Versuri The Gathering - Every Day Is Like A Thousand Years

Album: The Gathering - The Musical History Tour

It's the magic of a thousand years,
Tell me if it's real
The colours in the church are turning
Like a wheel,
And when the king comes in, the whole world changes
Everyday is like a thousand years
Crusaders are writing home with a pencil full of blood.
The silence of the monks, the knights
With swords drowned in mud
A whole lotta faith shows you the way.
Everyday is like a thousand years
Gregorius leads the choir, King Arthur tells a tale,
The knights of the sword finally find the Holy Grail,
Lead me to the crossing between dark and the light,
The sun in the cathedral turns the sky into blue and white.
On the magician's birthday you will be there,
When the God of light will eternally take care
Drives away the demons, Epicur writes a letter
If you follow him, Augustin makes you feel better.
Everyday is like a thousand years

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