Versuri THE HAUNTED - Devolve

Album: THE HAUNTED - Collateral Damage EP 2008

/[Music: Jensen, Lyrics: Dolving]/

The path of least resistance
a straight line from here to nowhere
Nothing but silence of mind remains.

Standing in line at the guillotine
to be liberated from
the burden of free thought

No sense of consequence - take another bite
Devolve (This might hurt)
Devole (In fact it does hurt)
Devolve (But you've already learnt to like it)

Idiots rule

Zombie parading the trick or treat
disguised to look human
Dead skin contortionist
hunger for what you can never be

All that you've ever known - something's missing

"Cut the vein all the way through, to the bone.
Have some fun with it, like someone said.
Give it some time and let the sedatives and
the euphoria of bloodloss set in.
Enjoy that swimming feeling, saviour this."

When the time comes to move
I will deactivate my sense of humanity
These words will be how I wield my hatchet.

Do you think you'll see me coming?

From here on out there will be no forgiveness
No further pretense of mutual bonds,
you and I have nothing in common.
Remember your name and know it will be erased.


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