Versuri THE HAUNTED - Rivers Run

Album: THE HAUNTED - Versus 2008

Well the same dull darkened rain keeps comin' down
Whisper little secrets to spite this little mind
See the sunlight in McAllen, TX
Burns my skin in Rome
Salt on my lips
Cracks in the pavement
Are we going blind, or is there something I've been missing?
Black coffee, somehow soothing, no matter where I go.

Well there's no place to hide
There's no shelter so far away
All rivers end in the same sea

Petty thieves
All hail, the one percent with a bullwhip rsum.
Die slowly, in weeping misery
And drape the b***h in a steel plate eulogy.

Skull and bones, no hope.
Burning fields and the dead game is up and go.
All my life I wanted something right, 
But today sure ain't my time to shine.

It's all falling to pieces but you know

There's no place to hide
Ain't no shelter so far away
And all rivers end in the same cold lake

You came so close you'll never know.

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