Versuri The Human Abstract - Channel Detritus

Album: The Human Abstract - Nocturne

dont fight it, look at it, another setback to slow you, another day in vain, passing on, move along, another dream is gone.
You see that's how it goes in the game.
We play only to learn and train for our next mistake.
To heal and break, growing strong in the wake.
Seems like in no one I can rely.
Dont you tell me I wont survive?
Thousands tell you that you wont survive.
I'll survive, I'll survive.
You haveto pay the cost impossibleto make the impossible possible.
You can't just throw it away. fading one day to the next, tamed by a siren song, tempted to belong to an ordinary life... ask yourself why.
Dont you let them pave your way, dont you play their game.
Dont you pray for rain, look inside at what you'll find.
It's all in your mind, regain an honor disappearing.
Its a power, a birthright disappearing, its a call to save what remains.
Fools regret until they die, forgive yourself back to life.

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