Versuri The Human Abstract - Movement From Discord

Album: The Human Abstract - Nocturne

pressure is all we've got.
The less you know the more you strain to reach out to see.
In the balance theres nothing free.
It took the best of them down with a single blow.
Brace yourself for the challenge ahead; don't waste your breath on what you know.
Brace yourself for the challenge ahead; youve got to pace yourself the last to go.
I journeyed to the edge of all my tears and counted every night I fought alone/bartered.
I pray that you could feel like I do, never to endure a heart of stone/remain a martyr.
The less you know, youre getting shadowed by vanity.
Somehow rage becomes clarity.
Youll find it deep in my family.
It took the best of us down.
All of your enemies are out to change you, the greatest weapon of etiquette.
I traded serenity, to realize the struggle of knowing what I could get.
I took part in a dream where nobody told me where to go or who to be.
It opened my eyes.
Never will I know of peace again.
Pressure is building to no end.
Pressure is all we've got.
This won't end in failure.