Versuri The Human Abstract - Nocturne

Album: The Human Abstract - Nocturne

Hollow self indulgence leading the way
In the wake of intent that day
At the fault line, at the fault line we were
Searching for answers
Filthy crimes, power play
Grasping for our lessons overthrown
What you've gone and done now,
It's hard to get over
Events of the past have carried
A lasting grudge toward a pure heart
I'm calling out a false hero
Lay your plans,
I'll play Rome, false martyr, take a stand
Lay your plans.
With broken heart, I've finally become a man
Past the sights and the sound
Cloak and dagger are found
No wonder here, just an echo resounding
Hardship owns all that remains
Red queen, a fallen Knight on the way that day
Caught in the act, right in our midst,
A snake in the grass. No honor,
As night fell on my soul

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