Versuri The Human Abstract - Polaris

Album: The Human Abstract - Nocturne

Im not ashamed to say, I take pleasure in, burning all of my epitaphs.
Turning the sands of time into glass.
Push through here and beyond, endure every trial, breaking in from the outside.
Back to the struggle to then find strength in a starting over.
I vowed not to spend my life comforted by enclosure.
Better to cry out in pain than be uninvolved, silent and lame to the life that beckons us.
Siren's calling me over the hills and trails.
There to wander so restlessly, bold and tireless, seeking to broaden the lines dividing identity.
the task at hand: to unleash the bondage of endless lives, pressures, actions, questions, answers giving birth to questions, unfolding like the petals of a lotus, eternal longing until we die no more.
Because you never hold on to the spoils you've won.
All your triumphs in vain, if you cant embrace a change.
All the paths Ive been down, I still have never found something lasting through the years.
But all these worthless fears, that mean nothing.
Compare your life, your loves, to the vastness of the endless stars above.

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