Versuri The Human Abstract - Self Portraits Of The Instincts

Album: The Human Abstract - Nocturne

by burden of blood we saw reflections of who we are, as the knowledge that burns in our hearts takes charge.
Blessings made at a house in the distance.
An unworthy authority looking to find a worthy culprit.
Accounting lost, stranded hindsight, words were not enough.
Repeat the cycle with devils in your veins.
More than simply shaken, a line divides.
Blood ties are forsaken, grudges still are found in kindred we are bound.
So deep in our blood, ages come, ages go, never freed.
Thats what you told me.
Time and again we have them down on their knees.
Beg for mercy, beg, time and again, how many times will I be called to feel this rage?
How many times will I be taken to that place?
No peace of mind until the seas run dry.
Forced to inflict these scars, reflections of who we are.
A legacy carried on too long.